We’ve Debunked the Most Common Cannabis Stereotypes

Getting Past Cannabis Stereotypes

As healthcare providers and medical professionals, our team from Marijuana Medical Exams treat patients by certifying them for medical marijuana use in clinical practice. Historically, many shunned medical marijuana and embraced cannabis stereotypes as a result of its Schedule I drug classification, as well as variations in its potency and unpredictable patient response.

Fortunately, the modern medical community has come a significant way in practice. Nevertheless, despite seemingly widespread support, an extensive amount of unsubstantiated rhetoric still exists.

Although marijuana is a drug, it still holds notable medicinal benefits. In fact, the drug calms epileptic seizures, aids patients with PTSD increases appetite in chemotherapy patients, and helps individuals cope with chronic pain.

Our team from the Fox Medical Centers and Marijuana Medical Exams remain proud to support medicinal cannabis usage. In celebration of this wonderful medical intervention, we’re debunking some of the most common cannabis stereotypes, including:

The Marijuana User is Lazy

A common side effect of marijuana is that it helps people feel more relaxed. Some even use the drug as a sleep aid. This doesn’t necessarily equate to cannabis, causing people to lose their entire sense of purpose or activity in life.

Many active individuals use marijuana. With such widespread support and usage of the drug, someone you know and view as a motivated, driven individual is statistically likely also to use marijuana.

The Marijuana User Can’t Hold a Job

Numerous employees for various companies and corporations use marijuana at some point during their lives. Even more employ the drug to decompress and relax after a hard day of work, or potentially to rely on cannabis’s effects to alleviate anxiety and stress.

To put it plainly, using marijuana does not make individuals simply forget about earning a paycheck or handling their daily responsibilities. People in all occupations and levels within a company use cannabis.

The Marijuana User is Fluent in “Drug Culture”

Anti-cannabis materials typically portray marijuana as a gateway drug. This creates a negative and unfounded stereotype as many cannabis users known almost nothing about hard and dangerous drugs.

Many cannabis stereotypes like this one grew and grew to cultivate a perception that marijuana users would always seek the best way to obtain a better buzz. Contrarily, with a growing number of ways to legally obtain medicinal marijuana, an increasing number of individuals must no longer deal with negative backlash as a result of their cannabis use.

The Marijuana is a “Hippie” “Druggie” Etc.

People might look around in public at grubby mechanics or construction workers with their greasy uniforms or muddy hands and steer clear. This is due to a stereotype for many as a lower-class of people. The truth is, it takes extensive education to obtain some mechanic and construction or contracting positions.

Similarly, marijuana users receive the social typecast of a druggie, or hippie, and even heathen. The truth is that these cannabis stereotypes remain inaccurate. The medical marijuana industry has made incredible strides in helping patients with cancer and numerous other conditions.

The same goes for those that utilize the drug. Some of the most successful CEOs at large companies use marijuana. Placing users into this judgment box remains detrimental to the acceptance of other cultures, as well as transformative society.

Breaking Down Common Cannabis Stereotypes with Marijuana Medical Exams

Cannabis StereotypesAs a result of medicinal cannabis increasing in popularity, in addition to its benefits in a broad range of medical conditions, this alone effectively “busts” the mass majority of cannabis stereotypes. To learn more about what medical marijuana can do for you or information on obtaining a medical marijuana card, contact Marijuana Medical Exams today!