These 5 Cannabis Strains Will Give You the Beauty Rest You Need

Medicinal Marijuana Strains for Sound Sleep

For anyone who suffers from difficulty sleeping, you know that life is often miserable. This can include troubles falling asleep, staying asleep, as well as suffering from chronic nightmares. Nonetheless, you may feel alone, but sleeplessness is a problem that numerous Americans deal with.

Insomnia is a condition marked by this difficulty falling or staying asleep, even with ample opportunity. It can evolve into more severe conditions like depression, as well as nervous tension.

The good news is that cannabis strains for sleep are out there, and can help you. Cannabis imparts such a substantial impact on rest that sufferers regularly use it before bed. Nighttime users may find an increase in drowsiness, and wake less during the night. As a result, this provides a notably higher-quality level of sleep.

Nevertheless, it all comes down to the right strain. Cannabis may affect everyone differently. Our team from Marijuana Medical Exams wants to help by taking a look at some of the best cannabis strains for sleep.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is one of the easiest cannabis strains for sleep to grow. With an earthly essence and relaxing properties, this strain could help you feel relaxed and ready for a calm night.

This is a powerful strain boasting a high THC and CBD content. These compounds work together to help people sleep at night. Especially when vaporized, Afghan Kush is particularly useful to help you fall asleep quickly.

God’s Gift

As its namesake implies, God’s Gift is certainly a welcome present for people living with insomnia. The dense Indica contains grape, citrus, and hash notes with beautiful white crystals. The stain can prevent worry at night, and you may find that your mouth tastes a bit like berries after releasing the smoke.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is one of the more popular cannabis strains for sleep with a THC content between 17 and 22 percent. This provides its noted, powerful kick. A hit of Granddaddy Purple can deliver an overwhelming bodily high. As a result, you will feel relaxed, as well as cerebrally euphoric.

This strain is fairly easy to find. Worth a try if you suffer sleeplessness due to body pain, or want to fade away stress.

9 Pound Hammer

This intense Indica provides long-lasting relaxation and drowsiness effects. The strain can help soothe your mind, slowly lulling you into euphoria.

9 Pound Hammer cannabis strains for sleep appear as dense buds, coated in resin. It additionally imparts a sweet grape and lime flavor. If you feel locked in a never-ending cycle of insomnia, take it out with a 9 Pound Hammer.


The perfect stain for a nightcap. Querkle attacks insomnia, cutting it off at its many sources. This cannabis strain can leave you in a meditative state, gently carrying you off into a restful, soothing sleep.

Querkle resides amongst the favorite cannabis strains for sleep with regular cannabis users. It calms anxiety, nulls nausea, and eradicates depression. Many even report uplifting effects from the strain.

However, it is essential to rely on Querkle as a cannabis strain to lull you into a sedative state, not one that will impact you into immediate sleepiness. Querkle works best as a pre-conditioned method for a tranquil method. Nonetheless, you may find that this prior tranquility leads to easier sleep once you put the lights out.

Cannabis Strains for Sleep from Marijuana Medical Exams

Cannabis Strains for SleepWe must reiterate, not all cannabis strains for sleep work the same way for every individual. Here at Marijuana Medical Exams, we take pride in supporting medicinal marijuana. If you need help finding the right strain for you, contact our dedicated team today!