The Truth About Marijuana

What are the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

In spite of legalization in over 33 states, medical marijuana remains a controversial subject. Journalists, attorneys, medical physicians, social activists, and legislatures seem locked in an endless battle of contrasting opinion. Unfortunately, this also likely means that the individuals who would benefit most from medicinal marijuana never receive the chance to make their own informed decisions on the drug.

If you are at least 18 years old and experienced a decreased quality of life due to a medical condition, medical marijuana can help you easily and safely manage your symptoms. Nevertheless, you may remain curious about the truth concerning marijuana.

Our medical marijuana specialists from Fox Medical Centers want to share some information on the specific advantages of utilizing prescription marijuana, in addition to the type of improvements you may see.

How Can Medicinal Marijuana Help?

Medicinal cannabis represents a great alternative option for patients that suffer from conditions that physicians commonly treat with prescription medication. Patients wield a significant risk of overdosing on prescription medication. Contrarily, medical marijuana offers a natural way to manage numerous different conditions with no recorded case of overdose.

Experts employ the naturally occurring compounds found inside of the marijuana plant called cannabinoids. These components can alleviate painful and life-altering symptoms that derive from numerous different medical conditions or illnesses.

The cannabis plant naturally secretes cannabinoids through its flowers. These compounds mimic naturally occurring compounds in our very own bodies. Cannabinoids bind to biological receptor points that exist throughout our brain and body.

As a result, patients experience relief of conditions that include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer/Chemotherapy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • PTSD

Medical marijuana comes in several different strains. Each one imparts different levels of these active compounds and potency. This means that the effects of medical cannabis may appear unique to each. Unfortunately, this often makes finalized results difficult to predict.

Nonetheless, marijuana is an excellent, ideal treatment for the aforementioned conditions. Now, with the legalization of medicinal marijuana, specialists can administer a prescription for their patients that enables them to experience the numerous benefits that it provides potentially.

How to Obtain Medicinal Marijuana

To qualify for the medical marijuana program in Florida, you must follow several steps. Approved patients must remain a permanent resident of the state of Florida, and over the age of 18. A provider like Fox Medical Centers can guide you through the medical cannabis ID process and evaluation.

This procedure additionally requires documentation outlining your condition, in addition to medical history. The record collection during the process ensures that you will meet any requirements imposed by the Florida Medical Marijuana law.

How you take medicinal cannabis is entirely up to you, and each method will work differently in your body. Fortunately, the medicinal marijuana industry offers numerous different ways of ingestion. Nonetheless, if you smoke or vaporize marijuana, you will feel the effects almost immediately. However, ingesting by eating an edible may take up to two hours before taking effect.

The Truth About Medicinal Marijuana from Fox Medical Centers

Medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Florida. This enables physicians to prescribe the drug and offer a preeminent resource to alleviate often painful and debilitating conditions. However, you must obtain a legal Florida marijuana ID card.

For more information on a medical marijuana card, as well as the benefits of utilizing the drug, contact our dedicated team from Fox Medical Centers today!