THC vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

Diving Deep on THC vs. CBD Compounds

With all the common rhetoric surrounding marijuana, as well as the THC and CBD compounds, you may know that these impart the primary active properties of the cannabis plant. However, concerning THC vs. CBD, who really knows what they do?

Cannabis is actually home to hundreds of different chemicals. Amongst these is an impressive variety of over 100 cannabinoids. Nevertheless, even among the most seasoned marijuana users, cannabinoids may remain unknown to them.

Humans and all other vertebrates produce what we call endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters bind to receptors and impact our pain, appetite, sleep, mood, and numerous other functions.

Exogenous cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana as THC and CBD and several other compounds, our body does not produce. Nonetheless, these cannabinoids interact with our body and mind with a multitude of therapeutic uses.

Our team from Marijuana Medical Exams is breaking down THC vs. CBD and answering some questions in this cannabinoid primer.

THC vs. CBD – What Exactly Do They Do?

With over 100 different cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, many of them still remain a mystery even on a scientific level. However, this simply isn’t the case with THC as the most researched, present, and stigmatized compound in the cannabinoid family.

THC provides therapeutic qualities, as well as health benefits. Unfortunately, it is also commonly known as the compound that gets people “high” when they ingest it. This is largely because THC interacts with the parts of our bodies that make us feel this way. Contrarily, CBD interacts with receptors that may help reduce inflammation.

As the second most popular cannabinoid, CBD doesn’t deliver a high when consumed. Instead, it actually imparts a significant medicinal property. For this reason, many marijuana dispensaries and other providers now offer desirable low-THC, high-CBD content products.

CBD simply doesn’t produce the psychotropic effects that many associate with marijuana. In fact, CBD actually shows progress at limiting and reversing the potentially negative effects of THC on the brain.

Nowadays, those curious about the benefits of CBD in the THC vs. CBD discussion can obtain a variety of provisions that can help them capitalize on all of the benefits that the compounds offer. 

For example, for those that dislike the idea of smoking marijuana, as well as the aroma or stigma that may accompany it, companies produce cannabis oils, as well as edibles, topical and salve applications, sprays, skin patches, capsules, gum, and everything in between.

Why Do Our Bodies Possess Cannabinoid Receptors?

Our body wields numerous different cannabinoid receptors throughout a variety of bodily systems. This includes CB1 receptors mainly located on our brain and within the nervous system, in addition to in the kidneys, liver, and lungs. 

Concerning THC vs. CBD, THC is the primary cannabinoid that will bind with CB1 receptors. This means patients can gain substantial relief from their nausea and pain, and even depression, anxiety, etc.

Alternatively, CB2 receptors primarily reside in our immune system. Our body displays an abundance of these receptors in our gastrointestinal system and spleen. CBS binds with these receptors to help patients regulate their appetite and manage their pain, in addition to improving immune system functions while reducing inflammation.

Breaking Down THC vs. CBD with Marijuana Medical Exams

Although there really isn’t a “right” answer between CBD and THC, both can serve a crucial role in helping individuals manage and overcome a variety of health concerns. Choosing to administer CBD or THC, or even a combination of both comes down to a range of unique, personal factors. 

Nonetheless, we hope that this basic primer helped to shed some light on THC vs. CBD, debunking some commonly applied stereotypes along the way. If you would like to learn more about cannabinoids and how they could affect your system, contact Marijuana Medical Exams today!