What is THC and CBD

What is THC and CBD?

When it comes to the scientific composition of the marijuana plant, there are two main compounds known as cannabinoids. These are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For the most part, many strains of marijuana possess high levels of THC in their composition. However, plants that are high in CBD also exist and can be very useful when treating specific medical conditions.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is second in relation to average volume when compared to THC. Within the medical cannabis community, CBD is known to impart properties that make it an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory aid. This makes it a great tool to treat numerous conditions and counteract the side effects that usually accompany these illnesses.

These properties recreate naturally occurring compounds that you can find in the human body. This helps them serve as a crucial tool in treatment. This aspect, known as endocannabinoids, are a key to repairing the communication between body cells and maintain inner stability. With proper cannabis treatment, the vexatious symptoms many patients suffer through when dealing with a medical system may prove significantly curbed

When utilizing marijuana for medical treatment, the objective is to bind cannabinoids to the correct receptors. THC is efficient in binding to receptor site in the brain. However, CBN, or cannabinol, binds more easily to the body through CB-2 receptors. Only when an expert is knowledgeable in utilizing the proper cannabinoid on a case-by-case basis may they assist patients in finding relief.

You need a well versed knowledge in the scientific makeup of cannabis in order to fully grasp its properties. In order to provide somewhat of a better understanding of how you can use THC and CBD to treat your condition, we created the chart below.

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THC and CBD Education

Proper THC and CBD education is crucial in fully understanding marijuana and encompassing its healing abilities. A professional who is knowledgeable in utilizing the THC and CBD components of medicinal cannabis can cater to the needs of each individual patient while drastically improving their quality of life.

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