Holistic Wellness Exam

Too often do healthcare providers treat their patients while solely focusing on the evident issue on hand. If a patient comes in with a case of severe migraines, they are prescribed painkillers. If a patient is experiencing trouble sleeping, they are given medication specifically for treating insomnia.


However, at Fox Medical Centers, we believe that there are many instances in which taking a holistic approach to helping patients is the best option. Holistic medicine involves a form of healing that takes into account all parts of the body. This includes the body, mind, and emotions. The goal of holistic medicine is to achieve optimal health and wellness.


While the medication and prescription pills mentioned earlier may provide temporary relief for specific symptoms, holistic medicine makes an effort to balance all aspects of the body and identify underlying causes for those conditions. Migraines may be caused by issues involving an individual’s sight and trouble sleeping may be brought on by anxiety.

It is for this reason that our medical professionals at Fox Medical Centers highly recommend patients to come in for a Holistic Wellness Exam. Seeking this form of treatment could put an end to your pain and discomfort once and for all. Combined with our medicinal marijuana resources, we believe that holistic therapy can have a huge, positive impact in the lives of countless individuals.

When coming in for a Holistic Wellness Exam, you can expect to meet with one of our highly trained experts and have a comprehensive assessment administered. Our doctors will go over the issues that brought you to our center and investigate which outlying factors may be the cause behind this issue. If we believe that you may benefit from medicinal marijuana treatment, we will inform you on the steps you need to take to obtain the proper documentation.

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Participating in holistic medical treatment means going above and beyond what you typically expect from a routine doctor’s appointment. Rather than send you home with a list of prescriptions, our professionals are dedicated to delving deeper into the issue and working with you to develop a unique treatment plan. Through our experience with holistic therapy, we have seen incredible results from patients in the past.

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