Cannabinoid Therapy Treatment

Cannabinoid Therapy

For many, the specific makeup of the marijuana plant is a mystery. While many recognize that this natural remedy is incredibly effective in treating a wide range of medical conditions, it is oftentimes unknown exactly why that is. The answer lies within the parts of the marijuana plant in which you utilize and how you implement them for treatment.


Marijuana contains many different compounds. One such compound, which is certainly the most important and useful, is known as cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are a group of active compounds that are secreted by cannabis flowers. This is what draws a positive effect on the human body and has the power to alleviate painful symptoms that accompany medical conditions.


Two major cannabinoids include THC and CBD.


Some of these symptoms may include nausea, inflammation, and pain.


The reason why medicinal marijuana use is so effective is because its properties recreate naturally occurring compounds that are found in the human body. This aspect, known as endocannabinoids, are a key to repairing the communication between body cells and maintain inner stability. The vexatious symptoms many patients suffer through when dealing with a medical system can be significantly curbed with the proper cannabis treatment.


When focusing marijuana on medical treatment, the objective is to bind cannabinoids to the correct receptors. While THC is efficient in binding to receptor site in the brain, CBN, or cannabinol, is more easily bound to the body through CB-2 receptors. Only when an expert is knowledgeable in utilizing the proper cannabinoid on a case to case basis may  they then assist patients in finding relief.


Understanding the complex relationship between the human body and cannabinoids is not an easy task. As you may have noticed, there are many factors involved and it truly requires a professional with a strong medical background to fully grasp the potential uses for cannabinoids as treatment.


At Fox Medical Centers, our healthcare providers have the knowledge and training necessary to properly treat patients with the use of medical marijuana. While cannabinoids and their connection to alleviating symptom related ailments may seem alien and confusing, we can provide a helping hand in exploring your options and determining which method of treatment is right for you.


Cannabinoid therapy is an emerging practice that we believe will prove to be the future of pain treatment in patients dealing with serious medical conditions. In an effort to stay up to date and informed on the latest advancements in the medical field, Fox Medical Centers has become involved in utilizing this treatment method early on. To schedule an appointment today and determine whether cannabinoid therapy may benefit you, give us a call at (305) 595-1300 or click here to learn more!

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