Medical Marijuana Users: The Basics of Card Usage

What You Need to Know About Using a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Florida is a long way from becoming Colorado in regards to medical marijuana. Even after the ban on medicinal cannabis, many individuals still wield many questions about how medicinal marijuana works in the state of Florida.

Patients can capitalize on the very real benefits that medicinal cannabis can offer cardholders. Simply accessing the drug is something that many in the medical community and beyond thought impossible, even a relatively short time ago.

For anyone who wants to use cannabis to help them manage a medical condition, our team from Marijuana Medical Exams has some information to share that we hope you feel confident and comfortable the next time you visit a dispensary.

Determine Your Qualifying Conditions and Obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card

Similar to traditional prescribed medications, you must visit a doctor to obtain a medical marijuana card. They will want to know your reason, and the State of Florida provides a comprehensive list of qualifying conditions that you can treat legally with medical marijuana.

This part of the law remains straightforward. You must show a doctor you suffer from one of the approved conditions. You must also outline that you previously tried other treatments that didn’t work. This prevents patients from outlining invented conditions to obtain legal marijuana.

Once a doctor signs off, the Florida Department of Health can send you a medical cannabis card that enables you to enter a dispensary to purchase the medication. This prescription only lasts for 30 days. When the period is over, you will need a physician to sign off on your legal pot once again.

Finding a Marijuana Dispensary

Everyone has their own unique needs. For this reason, medical marijuana dispensaries provide varied experiences that cater to a wide variety of users. It remains essential to shop around, trying out some different locations until you find a dispensary that provides the unique staff, atmosphere, and products that you need.

A simple Google search can help you find some dispensaries that may suit you. However, visiting in person may offer you an entirely different experience. Always do your due diligence and try a few locations out before you settle on a provider.

Deciding on Your Specific Medical Marijuana Products

When you finally make a list of a few different dispensaries, you can use the opportunity from your newly minted medical cannabis card to educate yourself on some of the different strains and cannabis products that these locations provide. The Marijuana Medical Exams blog can also provide some useful information on these product differences that may help as well.

Each marijuana strain or product will offer you a singular experience. Between edibles, oils, flower vaporization, and traditional marijuana administrations, you probably have at least a little bit to learn. Get adventurous and try a few different types, strains, products, and brands. This will help you make the determination in seeing which remains most effective for your needs.

Information on Medical Marijuana from Marijuana Medical Exams

Medical MarijuanaSeemingly widespread medical marijuana utilization only continues to grow. As this progress continues, medical staffs from all over the United States proudly offer prescriptions for cannabis to treat a variety of symptoms. This includes administering exams for medicinal marijuana card approval!

Our team from Fox Medical Centers and Marijuana Medical Exams reside amongst these proud providers, working to guide our patients through analysis, approval, and administration. To learn more about medicinal cannabis examination and beyond, contact our dedicated team today!