Medical Marijuana for Dummies: 5 Tips for First Time Cannabis Smokers

Ready for Your First Puff? Make Sure to Keep this in Mind

There’s no time like your first puff of cannabis. Getting started with medicinal cannabis is like opening up a door to a whole new world. Many patients find the experience massively transformative that changes their lives forever. Unfortunately, some others find that nothing happens at all.

Nevertheless, much of the positive experience is derived from proper preparation, and a little bit of information. Our team from Marijuana Medical Exams from Fox Medical Centers wants to share out tips for first-time medical cannabis smokers. Hopefully, this makes the experience a bit more memorable.

You Might Not Get High the First Time

You visited our office and went through your medical marijuana exam in South Miami, your marijuana ID card, and feel all ready to go. There’s just one problem, you can’t get high. That’s okay, many people don’t get high the first time, and you must open yourself up to this possibility. Nonetheless, if at first, you don’t succeed, try again.

Additionally, remember to breathe. You won’t get high if you don’t inhale. If you don’t feel like your medicinal cannabis is getting you high, you might not inhale properly. Relax, and let the smoke fill your lungs.

Choose the Right Delivery Method

Don’t jump in right away smoking the fattest blunt possible from the get-go. For first-timers, we always recommend easing yourself into it. Treat it like a workout. You wouldn’t load the weight rack with every plate possible without testing your capabilities first.

Choose a piece that works well for starter smokers like a small bowl. Once you get used to the effects of medicinal cannabis, you can work your way up to more advanced consumption methods.

Set Aside the Time to Smoke

When you get ready to take your first rip of medicinal cannabis, ensure, you set aside an appropriate amount of time. Many people pass out at some point after trying marijuana for the first time.

Even if you don’t fall asleep after your first couple of hits, you may feel heavy-bodied. For this reason, ensure you remain in a comfortable environment that encourages relaxation. Clearing out your schedule is also a good idea. After all, you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time apologizing for getting high.

Know Your Limitations

If you feel exceptionally stoned even after one hit, feel free to put the piece down. The mission was getting high for the first time, not turning yourself off the experience forever. Know your limits and act accordingly.

Hydrate Your Body

Drinking enough water remains vitally important for your overall health, regardless if you decide to take your first puff of medicinal cannabis or not. You don’t want to make the mistake of getting high and being dehydrated.

As you smoke, receptors on the floor of your mouth may stop producing saliva. For this reason, it is essential to chug some water beforehand to avoid a very unpleasant cottonmouth sensation.

Medicinal CannabisMedical Marijuana Exam in South Miami from Marijuana Medical Exams and the Fox Medical Centers Team

Your first time smoking medicinal cannabis should not represent a nervous experience. These five tips from the Marijuana Medical Exams team can help you create the perfect first-time endeavor.

You may discover that your first experience with cannabis is love at the first pipe. Prepare to embark on a physical and psychological enlightening in a new groundbreaking relationship with an amazing, transformative medicine.

To learn more about a medical marijuana exam in South Miami, or for more information on medical cannabis, contact our caring medical team from Fox Medical Centers today!