Keep This Under Your Tongue: Cannabis Sublingual Strips

Experience Smoke-Free Cannabis Effects through Sublingual Absorption

Advances in the way patients use medicinal marijuana are happening rapidly. In the past, patients were limited to inhalation methods such as smoking. However, many patients were turned off at the idea of smoking or vaping citing odor and a lack of discretion. Because of these concerns, medicinal marijuana delivery methods have expanded to include edibles and cannabis sublingual strips.

Cannabis sublingual strips are tiny pieces of cannabis-infused film which a patient places under his or her tongue.

The cannabis strips work by interacting with mucous membranes located under the tongue. 

The membranes play a role in providing sensation in the oral cavity, in addition to producing saliva secretion, which keeps the mouth moist and breaks down ingested foods.

Sublingual absorption is an ideal pharmaceutical delivery option due to the mucous membrane’s excellent permeability. 

Our team from Medical Marijuana Exams is breaking down some “need to know” information on sublingual cannabis strips and their benefits. Read on to learn more.

Sublingual Absorption Benefits

A leading reason why cannabis strips are increasingly popular with cannabis users (especially medical patients) because of the strip fast-acting effects. Cannabis sublingual strips are consistent with smoking or vaping while also enabling users to avoid smoke inhalation.

Cannabis sublingual strips also offer faster, more consistent effects over other smokeless options like edibles. In some individuals, edibles can provide wildly different effects that range from minimal to extreme reactions.

Sublingual absorption avoids the gastrointestinal system.  The gastrointestinal system’s digestive enzymes can convert THC into more effective and psychoactive forms. As a result, when ingesting medicinal marijuana in edible form, some patients may experience a more significant effect intensity, which can scare off inexperienced users.

Cannabis sublingual strips are more consistent because they deliver cannabis directly into the blood through the membrane beneath the tongue.  Sublingual absorption isn’t through the digestive system so, it avoids interaction with enzymes and digestive fluids that can increase the sensation of being “high.”

This innovative delivery method affords patients relief and alleviates many patients’ concerns.

Information on Cannabis Sublingual Strips from Marijuana Medical Exams

By placing a strip underneath the tongue and ingesting marijuana through sublingual absorption, patients can experience the benefits that medical cannabis offers. 

When patients need a proven method that imparts safe effects without the side effects of smoking, vaping, or edibles, cannabis strips may represent the ideal solution. Especially for medical patients who may not have or want to experience smoking or vaping, sublingual strips are an option.

To learn more about the benefits of consuming marijuana with sublingual strips and absorption, contact our dedicated team from Marijuana Medical Exams today!