Holistic Wellness Exam

Holistic Wellness Exam

Healthcare providers often treat patients while focusing solely on the evident issues at hand. However, at Fox Medical Centers, we believe many times exist where taking the holistic approach to helping patients is the optimal course of action.

The holistic medical practice involves a form of healing that accounts for every bodily system and part. This includes the mind, body, and emotions. Holistic medicine involves the practice of optimal health while achieving optimal wellness.

While medications and pills prescribed for numerous conditions can provide temporary relief for specific symptoms, holistic medicine focuses on making the effort to balance all aspects of the body.

Holistic medicine additionally identifies underlying causes for affecting conditions. Issues involving sight leads to migraines, and sleeping can be an anxiety derivative.

For this reason, the professionals from Fox Medical Centers recommend stopping by for a holistic wellness exam. This form of competent treatment could put an end to your pain, discomfort, and suffering once and for all. Holistic treatment in combination with our medical marijuana resources demonstrates a positive impact on an individual’s life.

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Your First Visit

As primary care specialists, we ask many of the same questions as a standard PCP. We even employ some of the same physical examinations, not dissimilar to what you experience at a traditional medical practice.

During your initial appointment, we record an extensive medical history that includes your health concerns and goals, reviewing your lifestyle choices, your current emotional and psychological health, and any potentially necessary additional physical examinations.

A significant different regarding this appointment versus traditional medical exams is that your entire visit is with one of our physicians. As holistic practitioners, we feel that the patient-physician relationship development is key for optimal treatment, as well as prevention in regards to defending against health maladies.

Your recommended treatment plan after the holistic wellness exam is discussed in detail. This helps educate and inform you throughout every procedural step.

In addition to the holistic wellness exam, your physician could recommend lifestyle adaptations, exercise recommendations, and a number of medical modalities. These include supplements, vitamins, botanicals, as well as homeopathic remedies.

The Purpose of a Holistic Wellness Exam

Once you decide to enlist a holistic wellness exam from Fox Medical Centers, you can be sure to meet with one of our trained experts. Although these exams don’t represent exactly the same circumstances as a traditional medical practice, the assessment is thorough and comprehensive.

Our doctors discuss all the issues bringing you into our center and investigate the underlying factors resulting in your situation. If we believe that you could benefit from a medical marijuana treatment, we inform and educate you on every step required to obtain a medical marijuana license.

We work in a harmonious partnership with our patients, encouraging a holistic wellness approach. Alternative health services and provisions can be offered by a diverse range of practitioners. However, this entity may not possess authorization within your area or is not adhering to specified state licensing regulations.

Always ensure the credential validity of this professionals, as the American Holistic Health Association does not make value judgments in their directory about these professionals training, education, or credentials.

Our purpose behind administering a holistic wellness exam is to ensure quality in medical analyzation in addition to examination while providing patients with a diagnosis of their entire wellbeing.

This is in stark opposition to traditional medicine, and its focus on specific symptoms and bodily systems. We ensure you not only receive treatment for your condition but possess the education and a defense against future illnesses.

Holistic Wellness Exam from Fox Medical Centers

Participation in our holistic medical program is accompanied by a team striving to exceed expectations acquired from the routine appointment. Our team is dedicated to delving deep into your situation, working with you to cultivate the optimal treatment plan.

We don’t want to send you home with a laundry list of prescriptions. Instead, our experience in holistic therapy demonstrates incredible results, as well as happy patients.

Do you want to take a fresh approach to treating your medical symptoms? Contact Fox Medical symptoms for more information on a general practitioner to administer your holistic medical exam today. Our team is always by your side, focusing on your optimal health year after year.

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