Can CBD Oil Truly Relieve Your Stress?

Use CBD Oil for Stress Relief

Do you find yourself stressing all the time and can’t seem to think clearly? You’re not alone. Many people experience the symptoms of stress. The good news is you can now kiss stress goodbye and manage your symptoms naturally. There’s a safe, cannabis-based product that can work wonders to ease stress and improve moods. Have you tried CBD oil for stress?

How CBD Works

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid like THC. Both are found naturally in the cannabis plant.  While most marijuana products are high in THC. Which gives you that “high” effect after smoking or ingesting. CBD has a different chemical makeup and it affects our brains differently than THC. Giving reason to why CBD is a  great alternative for those who want to feel relaxed without having that stoned feeling.

CBD & Your Body

The human body naturally generates its own  Cannabinoid receptors which are activated by cannabinoids. These receptors are known as endocannabinoids OR CB1 receptors which are primarily located on nerve cells in the brain and its function is to relate to  regulating appetite, mood, and memory.

The Truth about Stress

Some of the more common problems associated with stress are difficulty concentrating, trouble focusing,memory,frustration or moodiness and feeling overwhelmed.Giving stress the bad reputation it deserves.

Along with these problems come some physical symptoms which include low energy, trouble with digestion, headaches,pain also trouble with sleeping and eating. Giving  enough reason to why so many doctor visits are for stress related complaints.

But this is where CBD oil for stress comes in.  Because living in a long-term state of stress can jeopardize your health. CBD can work in several ways to help reduce that stress and ease all pain caused by it.

Choosing CBD that Works For You

CBD oil is a good alternative if you’re looking for a natural remedy for stress but don’t like the effects of a  THC-based product. CBD products come in many formats. You can ingest CBD as an oil, spray it on your tongue,use it in a vaporizer or purchase CBD-based foods. Simply choose one that fits your preferences and needs.

CBD Oil Color

After extracting the CBD, it will go through a filtering process that determines the color of the oil. Generally there are three different categories that CBD oils fall into:  The first category is raw, followed by decarboxylated and filtered.

Raw CBD oil which tends to be green or dark color once extracted. This oil does not go through any more processing and does not get filtered. At times raw oil may contain impurities leftover from the extraction process.

Decarboxylated CBD oil is often brown or darker in color. Decarboxylation is when the oil is heated up to change the chemical components and “turn on” the CBD. Which makes the CBD more active in the body. This process improves the efficiency and potency of the oil.

Filtered oil or “ gold” as many refer to it. Is very popular amongst consumers. It also tends to be the most expensive. Generally, filtered oil has been decarboxylated and then even further refined by filtering out the phytochemicals and plant materials making it the oil with the most filtering process.

Enjoying Your CBD Oil

Once you’ve chosen the best CBD oil for stress relief make sure to keep the oil at room temperature. It’s best to start at two to three milligrams per day and work your way up.But don’t worry about taking too much.

All you need is a spoonful. CBD oil takes a few minutes to a couple of hours to take effect; this will depend on your metabolism and how you take it. If you love to experiment with food, Making CBD edibles is a great way to incorporate CBD oil into your daily diet to help with stress.

Remember there’s something out there for everyone. Use CBD oil to bring a sense of peace and calm to relax you after a long stressful day, and the best part is that it’s perfectly natural and non-addictive! For more questions about CBD oil and how it can help through your daily life, feel free to give us a call.